We’d like to help you keep your teeth healthy. We’ve listed 5 unhealthy habits that you might not realize are harmful to your oral health. Be aware that the following are harmful:

  • Not drinking enough water! Did you know it is easier for bacteria to cause cavities in a dry mouth?  Water is important, so skip energy drinks, soda and flavored sports drinks and drink up water.
  • Using teeth as a tool!  Do not use your teeth to open bottles, take off tags or bite your finger nails because you can unknowingly fracture a tooth.  Teeth are NOT tools.
  • Cigarette smoking! Cigarette smoking not only increases the risk for oral cancer but it also increases plaque and bacteria. Enjoy a deep breath without cigarette smoke.
  • Chewing ice! Little things matter, like ice cubes. Chewing ice cubes can break teeth and fillings. It also can increase tooth sensitivity.  Ouch!

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