It is no secret that brushing and flossing regularly, keeping your sugar intake to a minimum, and having regular check-ups are the essentials for a healthy mouth. But did you know what you eat can also help keep your smile strong and healthy? Food can play a part in maintaining a healthy mouth – here are 5 foods that rank high for a great smile,

  1. Salmon – Salmon is packed full of Vitamin D and calcium. Both are essential for oral health because they allow your body to better absorb calcium.
  1. Carrots – Carrots are the cavity fighting vegetable. These bright orange beauties are high in keratin and Vitamin A. These support the body’s attack on plaque and strengthening tooth enamel.
  1. Yogurt – Yogurt is a healthy snack full of casein and calcium. Both help strengthen enamel and repair any damage.
  1. Apples – An apple is a “superfood” for your oral health. Eating an apple is not only delicious but the chewing it requires is a great workout for saliva production. An apple’s natural sugars help to neutralize harmful acids in the mouth.
  1. Strawberries – Did you know that eating strawberries help to keep stains off your teeth? They are full of malic acid, which is a natural whitener.

A combination of a healthy diet with good daily oral hygiene habits will keep your smile bright. And don’t forget regular dental checkups.  Give us a call to make your appointment today!