Do your gums bleed when flossing? Have you noticed a pink or red tinge on your dental floss or seeing pink in the water when you spit after flossing or brushing? As long as the bleeding isn’t severe, there’s no need to panic — however, gums bleeding when you floss is definitely a cause for calling our office and letting our professional staff take a look!

Keep the following in mind if you do experience any slight bleeding:

  • When you’re flossing your teeth, be careful to apply only minimal pressure.
  • Never floss over an area after it starts bleeding.
  • When you notice your gums bleeding while flossing, take a break and splash cool water in your mouth. Rinse your mouth out with water and swish it around until the water is clear when you spit it out.
  • Never use mouthwash immediately after your gums bleed when flossing. Mouthwash can contain chemicals that can sting.
  • Flossing no more than once a day until you get in to see us!

Get in touch with HealthSense Dental if you need our help!