You’ve probably heard your fair share of myths. There are myths about almost everything such as the sunken city of Atlantis, Bigfoot and the White Buffalo Calf Woman (that one you might have to look up)! We have a few dental myths and facts that everyone should be aware of.

Myth : Whiter teeth are healthier teeth.
Fact: The natural color of teeth is as unique as each individual is. One person might have darker teeth but have healthier teeth. The only way to know if to look in between and inside the teeth.

Myth : Placing an aspirin next to a tooth will alleviate pain.
Fact: Aspirin needs to be swallowed in order to be effective as a painkiller. Allowing the aspirin to enter the blood stream, the enamel of the tooth will prevent the aspirin from reaching the nerve.

Myth : Bleaching weakens teeth.
Fact: The overuse of bleaching might whiten teeth may cause sensitive teeth but will not weaken teeth.

Myth : If you are not having problems with your teeth, then you do not need to see a dentist.
Fact: Most dental problems are not evident in the early stages. By the time they are notable they have become a larger problem. Seeing a dentist regularly will allow any problems to be detected early on.

Myth : It is not important for children to care for their baby teeth.
Fact: Even though baby teeth are not permanent, habits and the development of permanent teeth can be affected by the lack of care for baby teeth. Begin healthy habits for teeth as young as a year old.

Myth : Only white sugar damages teeth.
Fact: Natural and nutritious foods contains a large amount of natural sugars. These sugars as just as damaging to young teeth as sugary treats and drinks. So brushing your teeth is extremely important after eating.

Myth : Going to the dentist is an unpleasant experience.
Fact: Come into our office and you’ll find how enjoyable a trip to the dentist can be. In one of our latest reviews,

Jennifer P commented: “Every single employee there is pleasant and makes you feel very comfortable. Procedures are explained well and you understand just what is going on in your mouth. As much as I hate to admit it, going to the dentist isn’t so bad after all! The entire staff is AMAZING!”
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