Daily attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars breakdown the enamel layers that lead to tooth decay. However, Fluoride found in drinking water and toothpaste strengthens the tooth so it will be able to combat the acid attacks.

But what does this really mean? The tooth’s crown outer layer, also known as enamel, is made up of mineral crystals that are closely packed together. Every day, there are loses and gains of these minerals; or demineralization and remineralization.

Everyday a cycle begins with demineralization from plaque bacteria. Taking the sugars and other carbohydrates in the mouth to produce acids. This acid is then dissolves the crystals in the tooth enamel. But – trumpet roll! The enamel crystals are replenished by fluoride, calcium and phosphate. The minerals in the saliva are deposited back into the enamel. Without this restocking of minerals the tooth with decay.

Sounds pretty nifty. But we have all heard the outcry that fluoride is bad for us. When used properly the use of fluoride is not harmful. Water-fluoride systems are checked daily to ensure safe fluoride consumption. Parents should keep an eye on the use of fluoride products. Likewise, dentists limits the amounts of produces they proscribe. All – in – all with a watchful eye and some responsibility fluoride use will provide strength for your teeth.