Love is in the air and if you love candy, this is for you!

According to the Texas A&M Health Science Center cocoa beans help prevent cavities. Actually, the tannins found in the cocoa beans is what defends your teeth from harmful interactions with the bacteria found in your mouth. And for you dark chocolate lovers – dark chocolate contains more tannins than milk chocolate. However, eating too much chocolate will harm your teeth. A things in moderations.

Still feeling that lovin’ feeling? Kissing can also help prevent tooth decay. It stimulates saliva, which helps reduces the incidence of cavities. But, you might be share up to 500 species of germs when sharing a kiss.

Sounds like bad news for chocolate and kissing. We get it, you still want to eat chocolate and kiss without worrying about bacteria giving you cavities. Don’t worry! We have a solution – brushing and flossing. YES! Brushing twice a day and flossing will take care of the bacteria that might be there.