It’s that time, a fresh start to a new school year. Parents, as you help your children establish healthy habits to stay on track all year, make sure you schedule dental check-ups. Providing your child with the confidence to have a successful school year is important!

How to Maintain a Healthy Smile throughout the School Year:

  • Purchase new dental hygiene supplies; doing this now serves as a benchmark of when you need to get new supplies.
  • Brush and floss in the morning and night. Make brushing fun by using a sticker calendar, and play music that will help to keep the kids brushing for a full two minutes.
  • Pack healthy lunches and snacks – check out our blog 5 Surprising Foods that are GOOD for your Teeth.
  • Give the kids to drink water instead of juice or sugary drinks.
  • If your children play organized sports, make sure they have a properly fitted mouth guard.

Good luck with back to school this month!