New Year’s resolutions, is a common tradition for many. But starting any new tradition can be tricky, and finding a way to stick with it is important. Here are a few resolutions that are easy to keep and will improve your health.

Schedule a Visit to Your Dentist Office
According to the American Dental Association only about 1/3 of American’s make an annual visit to their dentist.
We suggest – marking the same date every year on your calendar to make the appointment. After that, to make the process easier, make the next appointment as you are leaving the dental office.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
Eating well is essential for good oral health. Poor nutrition can increase susceptibility to many oral disorders and can affect the entire immune system. However, nutrients and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables improve the body’s ability to fight inflammation.  We suggest – eating plenty of crisp fruits and vegetables to help to clean plaque from teeth and freshen your breath.

Flossing protects your teeth from decay and gum disease. Not only does flossing remove plaque caught in-between the teeth, it also removes any annoying pieces of food. It happens to everyone, you are eating a delicious chicken wing, steak, popcorn or broccoli, a tiny piece of it gets lodged in between your teeth. Don’t wait until your nightly flossing, floss right away. We suggest – carrying floss or floss picks with you. This will ensure a clean healthy mouth.

Make 2018 great and resolve to treat your mouth right!