Did you know that when you meet someone new, it takes five or six seconds for them to form an opinion of you? A smile portrays friendliness, warmth and approachability. A healthy smile is built upon many factors – brushing, flossing, bi-annual cleanings, and a healthy diet. Below you will find some key vitamins and minerals essential to your dental health.

That’s a no-brainer. We have been hearing it since we were kids – drink milk for strong teeth and bones. Calcium helps to reinforce the enamel and strength your jawline. Milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli and salmon are foods rich with calcium.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is essential for your body by protecting your bones and helping to absorb calcium. We suggest spending time in the sunlight but understand that isn’t always possible – hello polar vortex! Canned tuna, Portobello mushrooms and orange juice are some of our favorite ways to get that vitamin D.

Bananas! The best-known source of potassium is bananas, which improves density in the bones and is essential in making sure blood doesn’t become too acidic. But don’t worry if you don’t like bananas you can indulge on tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and avocados.

Phosphorus is the foundation for calcium. Phosphorus provides the support that calcium needs to be strong. Thankfully, phosphorus can be found in a variety of food. Seafood such as cod, shrimp, tuna, salmon and scallops are rich in phosphorus. Don’t like seafood? That’s ok! Beef, pork and cheese all contain phosphorus. Vegetarian or vegan? Don’t worry, soybeans and lentils will have you covered!

What it boils down to is a healthy diet; include a good amount daily of fruits, vegetables and proteins to ensure a healthy smile!