Teeth develop in an organized fashion. Starting with baby teeth, then the first molars come in around the age of six. Next to erupt are the second molars about the age of twelve. Wisdom teeth are also known as the third set of molars and don’t usually appear until late teens.

They are nicknamed “wisdom teeth” due to the idea that they make a person wise. What’s so smart about teeth that sometimes cause trouble? Most of the time wisdom teeth are removed. They usually try to grow into a jaw that is too small for them.

Sometimes, as the last teeth in the jawline, they grow in sideways, pushing against teeth that are already in place and causing no problems. Not such a wise thing to do! Another not-so-wise fact about wisdom teeth is they are difficult to clean which can mean a build-up of bacteria plaque and food debris.

This can be a cause of gum disease. Did you know most of us have anywhere from one to four third molars in our lifetimes, however 35 percent of Americans are born without any wisdom teeth at all.

Does that make them unwise….or lucky?